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Should I Seek Therapy?

Having problems is not abnormal. Problems are a part of life, and come from many different sources. The purpose of therapy is to help us cope better. If certain problems seem to be getting worse or continue for too long, maybe it's time to consider seeking professional assistance. You do not have to struggle alone and there are times when friends and family cannot provide what you need.

It's difficult for many people to consider therapy. Some of the common objections are: "It means I'm weak," "People will think I'm crazy," and "I should be able to manage on my own". Because of beliefs like these, most don't call a therapist until things have gotten very bad. This is unfortunate, because many problems can be averted or significantly decreased in severity by dealing with them early in their development.

Some reasons that my clients have sought help include:

  • unhealthy relationship patterns
  • crying easily
  • unmotivated or depressed
  • low self-confidence or self-esteem
  • recovering from divorce
  • conflict with family of origin
  • distress over past trauma
  • sleep problems
  • grief associated with loss
  • job stress

These are just a few examples of symptoms and difficulties that can be helped with therapy.

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